There is a common belief that co-education at Geelong Grammar School began in 1976, following the amalgamation with Clyde School and The Hermitage, but girls had been providing a rich and lively experience of co-education at the school since 1970, when they arrived, somewhat gingerly, as “guests of the school”. What today appears as a success story was, at the time, a step into the unknown. Every student and member of staff found themselves in new territory, responding to new situations. Some changes happened quickly, others were still unresolved a decade later. How did it feel to be part of this early era of co-education? What did the staff really think? How did it change the School?

Set against the backdrop of enormous social change in Australia – affecting women in particular – a history currently being written and will look at the way girls were introduced into the School during the 1970s, what reactions it provoked and what the enduring effects have been.

Students of the 1970s are invited to contribute their memories and thoughts to this book via an online questionnaire about the early days of co-education.

At the end of the questionnaire, there is an opportunity to share comments and stories or to leave details to be contacted further by the author.

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