The Biddlecombe Society, working with the Geelong Grammar Foundation and alongside the School Council, deeply desires to strengthen the School into the future. To continue our traditions and to build the base for future achievements, we look to our community for significant support in this endeavour. 

All Bequests should be left to the Geelong Grammar Foundation. A Bequest can be either named or made anonymously. Bequests can be made in a variety of ways to reflect a person's particular wishes. Bequests in support of Geelong Grammar School should be left to the Geelong Grammar Foundation and, ideally, for use at its own discretion. These unencumbered gifts allow the Foundation to support the School with the flexibility to direct funds to projects which the School Council and the Principal feel are in the most need of assistance. Bequests can also be made in support of specific areas of the School's operation such as the Libraries, Scholarships, building projects or other areas of specific interest. 

A Bequest to the Geelong Grammar Foundation is an enduring way of supporting the future of the School. For further information please contact Garry Pierson, Associate Director Advancement, on: +61 3 5273 9136 or