In 1976, the life of the School was both vigorous and successful and the School Council decided it was the best time to establish a Trust “as a means by which people can help guarantee the future of Geelong Grammar as an Independent School on a long term basis”.

Mr Robin Ritchie (Cu’54) was the Chairman of Council and became the first Chairman of the Geelong Grammar School Endowment Fund Limited. Those listed with him in the original documents for the formation of the Trust were: Mr Peter Harold Sleigh (M’48), William Russell Mackinnon (M’57), John Frederick Henry Poolman (M’33) and James Grimaldi Perry (P’45).

In 1984 the Geelong Grammar School Endowment Fund Limited changed its name to the Geelong Grammar Foundation Limited.


(a) To create opportunities for the School to attract and retain the continuing interest and financial support of a concerned and interested group of Past Students, Parents and Friends.

(b) To solicit donations and gifts to or for the benefit of the School or any of its funds or accounts from its Past Students, Parents and Friends and from any other source deemed appropriate to the promotion of the objects of the Foundation.

(c) To attract and encourage bequests, legacies and all forms of deferred gifts.

(d) To provide financial assistance for the employment of teaching staff with specialised skills, educational research projects and visits from academic specialists.

(e) To provide financial assistance for the granting of scholarships, bursaries, endowments and educational allowances.

(f) To provide financial assistance for the acquisition by the School of library books, works of art, educational plant and equipment of all kinds.

(g) To provide financial assistance for the development of new teaching methods and the cultural environment of the School.

(h) To establish and administer trusts and funds for educational and the other purposes aforesaid.

(i) To raise finance for the acquisition of land or facilities or the acquisition, construction or maintenance of buildings used or to be used by the School.

(j) To raise money for the purposes aforesaid by any method that seems desirable (including the undertaking of, or participating in, commercial ventures of all kinds).

(k) To recommend to the Council the production of publications and the issue thereof to the members of the Foundation and others.

(l) To invest and deal with the money of the Foundation not immediately required by it from time to time in such manner as may be thought fit.

(m) To give mortgages, charges or other securities over any part of the real or personal property, present or future of the Foundation.

(n) To insure against fire or otherwise any insurable property of the Foundation and to pay premiums on insurance or assurance policies which the Foundation may acquire by any means.

(o) To do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects and powers or any of them.