Over the past decade, individual or small groups of donors have made the following projects possible:

The Austin Library, Bostock House

In 2005 the library at Bostock House underwent a complete refurbishment, made possible through generous support of Frank (M’33) and Alison Austin. Frank and Alison Austin wanted to commemorate Frank’s two brothers, James Austin (1920-44) and John Sanger Austin (1918-43) both of whom died while on service in World War ll. The refurbishment of the library at Bostock House was the obvious project, particularly given the longstanding connection between the Austin and Bostock families.

The Fisher Library, Corio

The transformation of the Fisher Library to a 21st Century Knowledge Access Centre was completed in October 2005. The major renovations were made possible by Geelong Grammar School parents Prem and Eugenie Premraj, who generously donated the white Vitri Panel on the outside of the Building. The Geelong Grammar Foundation also contributed $850,000 to the project.

The Michael Collins Persse Archive Centre

The Michael Collins Persse Archive Centre was opened in May 2005 as part of the School's 150th celebrations. The project was made possible through the generosity of James Fairfax (M'50) and a significant gift from the Old Geelong Grammarians. The Centre is located in the Hawker Library and houses some of the School’s most significant memorabilia and archival volumes.

The Timbertop Music School

The Timbertop Music School was made possible through the generous benefaction of John B Fairfax (M'60) and his family and Elizabeth and Robert Albert (Cu'52). The stunning Music School was opened in 2003 marking Timbertop's 50th anniversary celebrations.

The Hirschfeld Mack Centre

The Hirschfeld Mack Centre commemorates the wonderful Head of Art at GGS from 1942-1957. The Centre was made possible by a small group of individual donors, led by Foundation Board members Dougal Ramsay (P'66) and Mark Robertson, and was opened in September 2003.

The Norman Bender Hockey and Tennis Centre

The Norman Bender Hockey and Tennis Centre was opened in June 2001 and made possible through the generous benefaction of Helene Bender. The Centre was built and named in memory of her late husband Norman (Ge'41), who was a student at Geelong Grammar from 1938 to 1941. Norman was a member of the School Council from 1968-1980.

The Sinclaire Centre

The Sinclaire Centre is a specialist Art facility opened in May 1999. It was converted from the old maintenance workshops and was made possible through the generosity of The Sinclaire Trust. Stannard Clark a past parent and grandparent at GGS and his daughter Sandra Ivory, a past parent also enabled the School to renovate the Technology Centre for woodwork, metalwork, ironwork and textiles and generously donated three sculptures by renowned Australian sculptor Heather Ellis.

The Glamorgan Centre at Toorak Campus

The Glamorgan Centre has a 560-seat assembly/theatre/sports hall and adaptable learning spaces that allow interaction between the year levels. Made possible by the Campaign for GSS, it was opened in February 2008.

The Handbury Centre for Wellbeing

The $16M Handbury Centre for Wellbeing was opened in April 2008 and was made possible through the generosity of Geoff and Helen Handbury, the Richard Hinds Bequest and the parents and friends of Geelong Grammar School. The Centre enhances the School’s approach to Positive Education through a proactive approach to good health and wellbeing. The magnificent Centre boasts an indoor swimming and diving pool, gymnasium, weights and fitness room, dance studio, medical centre and classroom facilities.