Scholarships have been a consistent part of the story of Geelong Grammar School since 1855, when the sons of the early Western District pastoralists enrolled at Geelong Grammar School. There have been many examples of philanthropic support for students who did not have the means to attend the School or assistance for those students whose families had fallen on hard times. Scholarships are a vital ingredient in the lifeblood of the School. These awards benefit the individual students, but their present enriches the whole school.

Scholarships have the power to be life-changing, as they bring diversity within the community and provide future students with a range of opportunities which they otherwise would not be able to access. Generous gifts from donors allow the School to provide 25% of secondary students with financial assistance through the scholarship programme. Great schools like Geelong Grammar School change lives and help create exceptional futures.

The Geelong Grammar Foundation is extremely fortunate to have many generous and supportive community members who have chosen to support a named scholarship. The goal is to provide more opportunities to deserving students who simply cannot experience the exceptional education which Geelong Grammar School provides.

How to fund a scholarship

Scholarships can be funded through a major gift or by leaving a gift through a Will.

Members of our community have chosen to fund a scholarship in memory of a family member, teacher or friend or perhaps they were a scholarship recipient themselves and wish to pay it forward.

Please visit our Impact of Giving report to read a range of our scholarship stories.

Management of Funds

The Geelong Grammar Foundation leads the philanthropic and fundraising activity for the School and is responsible for ensuring that each gift is used or endowed effectively and as intended by each benefactor. The Foundation is appointed by the School Council to be Trustee for the Scholarship Fund and the Geelong Grammar School Endowment Trust.

A sub-committee of the Foundation Board, the Allocations and Investments Committee (AIC), advises the Foundation Board on investing funds. AIC members have significant investment experience and, with the assistance of asset consultant JANA, provide the Board with expert advice regarding investment decisions including asset allocation and the selection of investment managers.

The Foundation's investment objectives are to maximise investment returns over a rolling ten-year investment horizon, subject to limiting the risk of a reduction in the real value of the corpus. Performance is measured against a target return of CPI + 5% (recently adjusted down from CPI + 6% pa) after fees. The Foundation avoids speculative investments and maintains a diversified portfolio. Scholarship funds are managed with the purpose of distributing 4% each year.

The AIC Committee is chaired by Justin Arter and other committee members are Angus Coote (FB’94); Jacinda Dixon; Penelope McBain (Chair, Geelong Grammar Foundation); Bill Ranken (M’72) and Michael Stapleton (P’91).

Current Scholarships

We are delighted to take the opportunity to thank our wonderful community for supporting our current and future students with the following named scholarships:

A.A. Buley Bursary Fund
Annual Giving Scholarship
Australian Rural and Regional Scholarship
Bob and Rona Robertson Scholarship
Bostock House Music Scholarship
Bruce Lawrence Scholarship
Dato Tan Scholarship
Gordon Moffatt Scholarship
Hartley Mitchell Scholarship
Hermitage Old Girls’ Association Scholarship
Jeff Peck and Silver Harris Scholarship
John Emmerson Scholarship – Corio
John Emmerson Scholarship - Toorak
John Peter Alston Wallace Scholarship
J.R. Darling Memorial Scholarship
McBain Family Scholarship
Michael Collins Persse Scholarship
Miss Elsie F Morres Scholarship
Nicholas Webb Scholarship
Pope Family Scholarship
Pop Fink Scholarship
Ranken Family Scholarship
Richard Crummer Scholarship
The Clyde School Scholarship
The Handbury Scholarship
The Russell Drysdale Scholarship for Visual Arts
Tommy Garnett Scholarship
Sevior Family Scholarship
Whittingham Scholarship

If you would like more information about applying for one of these scholarships, please contact Admissions:

Phone: +61 3 5273 9307 or Email:

If you are seeking information about funding a named scholarship or to contribute to a current scholarship, please contact:

Advancement Office
Phone: +61 3 5273 9349 or Email: