Oxford University Press will publish Positive Education: The Geelong Grammar School Journey on Thursday 7 May as part of the Oxford Series in Positive Psychology.

Written by Dr Jacolyn Norrish, Positive Education: The Geelong Grammar School Journey explains the key tenets of Positive Psychology and examines the School’s practical application of the science and research of Positive Psychology through the development of its ground-breaking Positive Education programme. With a foreword by Professor Martin Seligman and contributions from world leaders in the field of Positive Psychology, such as Roy Baumeister, Tal Ben-Shahar, Barbara Fredrickson, Felicia Huppert and George Vaillant, the book fills a crucial space between academic theory and practical application, making it a landmark publication.

"To simply call this book "groundbreaking" would be an understatement." - Ryan Niemiec, Education Director, VIA Institute

Positive Education, Oxford University Press, Geelong Grammar School

Director of the School’s Institute of Positive Education, Justin Robinson, said that he hoped that the book would provide readers with valuable insight into the depth and breadth of Positive Education. “It is such a thrill to bring our journey over the past seven years to life,” Justin said. “Jacci has captured our story through living within our community, working with our Positive Education team and interviewing staff, students, parents and council members.  The book describes each of the key elements of wellbeing, integrating the scientific evidence and exploring the ways our staff have implemented these elements into our School. We hope all readers will gain valuable insight into the depth and breadth of Positive Education. We also hope readers will join us in continuing to support the development of this important field and that collectively we can keep learning to flourish.”

The book provides a comprehensive overview of how Geelong Grammar School became the first school in the world to implement Positive Psychology. Expert introductions offer excellent overviews of the theory and research of Positive Psychology, whilst case studies from the School provide concrete ideas and examples of Positive Education in action. The integration theory and practice aids teachers and educators to apply Positive Psychology to their own working environment, inspiring them to embark upon their own journey with Positive Education.

Positive Education: The Geelong Grammar School Journey will be published by Oxford University Press on Thursday 7 May and will be available for purchase through the Geelong Grammar School Shop.