Our dedicated team comprises experienced trainers with strong backgrounds in educational leadership, primary and secondary teaching, as well as qualified psychologists, researchers, and professional communication and administration managers, all dedicated to the growth of Positive Education and building thriving communities.

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Back row: Chloe Flemming, Angela Frid, Shannan O'Neill, Cindy Esler, Lucy Carroll, Tamara Lechner, Andrew Ford, Carla Ford, Ron Lalonde, Ben Carter and David Bott.

Front row: Aimee Bloom, Renee Lane, Natasha Judd, Justin Robinson, Patrick Slack, Wes Smith, Cat Lamb, Rhiannon McGee, Tara Clarke and Jessica Taylor. 

Absent: Charlie Scudamore, Jennifer Hanson-Peterson, Judy Hand, Catherine Devlin and Dr Georgiana Cameron.