To deliver transformational educational programmes to promote wellbeing throughout the world. 


To improve student and staff wellbeing through research, development and training in Positive Education.


The Core Values that underpin our work:

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Contribution

We demonstrate our integrity by:

  • acting in the best interest of Geelong Grammar School staff and students
  • maintaining strong relationships with colleagues, students, parents and the community
  • behaving in ways that respect and advance the field of Positive Education

We demonstrate our respect by:

  • acting with care and compassion to others and to ourselves
  • holding our colleagues in high regard
  • listening with empathy and speaking with authenticity
  • acknowledging leaders in the field, both past and present, who have contributed to our understanding of Positive Education

We demonstrate our contribution by:

  • providing quality curriculum and training materials grounded in evidence that add value to the field and are both helpful and hopeful to students, teachers and parents
  • recognising and celebrating growth in the field of Positive Education
  • fostering a network of educators and parents interested in Positive Education
  • encouraging and inspiring others to embrace Positive Education
  • making a positive difference to Geelong Grammar School and education in general


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