The concepts of Positive psychology were first introduced to the School in 2008 by Professor Martin Seligman, Dr Karen Reivich and their team of trainers. Since then, many leaders have worked with us and continue to do so, making a significant contribution to the evolution of Positive Education at the School. Students and staff remain extremely grateful for the privilege of being able to work alongside world leaders in Positive Psychology and to have their ongoing support to enrich and enhance our programme.

Thought leaders in wellbeing who have supported us and continue to work alongside us include: 

  • Professor Roy Baumeister
  • Dr Tal Ben Shahar
  • Janet Etty-Leal
  • Professor Ray Fowler
  • Professor Barbara Fredrickson
  • Jenny Fox-Eades
  • Associate Professor Jane Gilham
  • Dr Craig Hassed
  • Professor Felicia Huppert
  • Dr Sue Jackson
  • Matthew Johnstone
  • Dr Nansook Park
  • Dr James Pawelski
  • Professor Chris Peterson
  • Dr Stephen Post
  • Dr Tayyab Rashid
  • Dr Karen Reivich
  • Professor Martin Seligman
  • Dr Helen Street
  • Dr George Valliant
  • Associate Professor Dianne Vella-Broderick