One of the defining characteristics of Positive Education is that it has positioned itself as an evidence-based approach, which seeks to marry our most current understandings from the scientific literature with best practice teaching and educational paradigms. Hence, Positive Education is based on a growing body of scientific research which is increasingly allowing us to understand what helps people to flourish and reach their full potential. The evidence underlying the way we implement Positive Education is summarised here (PDF 446KB).

However as a relatively new field there are still many gaps in what we know, with new research findings emerging every day. With our pioneering efforts in implementing Positive Education as a whole-school programme, we are in a unique position to both contribute to and benefit from these developments in the scientific understanding of Positive Education. The School has identified a range of areas where research could help us to enhance what we do and we are excited to have begun exploring a number of these, in collaboration with researchers from several Australian universities.

As research at the School continues to evolve, we hope to increasingly become a ‘hub’ for Positive Education research, bringing together researchers from diverse institutions and backgrounds, such as education, psychology, and epidemiology, to contribute to scientific knowledge that ultimately helps us to promote wellbeing and positive development for our GGS students as well as young people across Australia.