Research underscores all the work we do in the Institute, demonstrating our commitment to strengthening the evidence base of Positive Education. We aim for our research to be rigorous and robust, informed by wisdom, and relevant to the practical implementation of Positive Education. In the past ten years, GGS and associated philanthropic funders have invested into research efforts, contributing to current understandings of how to promote the wellbeing of whole school communities.

Our publication, Research Discoveries from Geelong Grammar School: Our contributions and discoveries to date 2009-2019 provides details about all the research projects which have taken place and how these have shaped Positive Education at GGS. 

Our research programme aims to:

Contribute to the field

Our unique position as a pioneering Positive Education school directs us in facilitating translational research aimed at strengthening the evidence-base and sustainability of Positive Education for all schools. 

Improve and innovate

We continue to improve and innovate Positive Education at Geelong Grammar School through reflection and evaluation of practices, policies and programs so that other schools might benefit from our learnings.


We collaborate with schools, professional associations, universities, non-profit organisations and philanthropic funders to research areas of need within the field of Positive Education.


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