Since Positive Education began at GGS, the school has been committed to being research informed and having strong research partnerships. Over the last decade these partnerships with experts and universities have grown and eventuated into numerous research projects examining the impact of Positive Education at GGS for staff, students and parents, as well as wide-spread models for best-practice Positive Education.

The publication Research Discoveries from Geelong Grammar School: Our contributions and discoveries to date 2009-2019 provides a comprehensive summary of all the research projects undertaken and theoretical developments achieved at GGS in the past 10 years. 

In more recent years, IPE research has broadened its investigations to examining the impact of Positive Education programs for teachers around the globe, remote communities and school-leavers. 

The Teacher Wellbeing Project

This project is led by the IPE and explores the impact of our Discovering Positive Education courses as well as implementation success factors for Positive Education across the whole school. Through tracking participants’ wellbeing over time and conducting in-depth interviews about implementation, we hope to learn useful information for scaling positive education to more schools and organisations across the globe.

Positive Education in the Post-School Transition

A team led by Professor Dianne Vella-Brodrick from the Centre for Positive Psychology at the University of Melbourne, is working on a research project that involves the participation of former secondary school students, including those from GGS. This 3-year project (2017-2019) is funded by the Australian Research Council and GGS, and includes Maroondah City Council and OELLEN as partners.  Researchers have co-developed a practical wellbeing programme with young people to manage postschool challenges such as forming new relationships, becoming more independent and juggling multiple commitments. The programme is being evaluated to better understand how to support the post-school transition for young adults.   

Foundations to Flourish: Working with communities

Foundations to Flourish is a research project that the University of Tasmania are conducting in partnership with IPE. The project focuses on building the strengths of the rural, regional community of King Island to foster wellbeing through education, awareness and practice of Positive Education. This study aims to examine whether the Foundations to Flourish program will lead to better wellbeing within a rural, regional community. It is expected that the findings from this project will inform future programmes of this nature in other communitites.