Our hope is to improve the wellbeing of school communities across the world through transformational positive education programmes. Whilst not limited to these areas, there are three research priority areas which investigate specific aspects of Positive Education.

  1. Professional Learning and Practice

    In this area, we aim to understand the most effective methods and practices for developing adult’s knowledge and skills in Positive Education to ensure the effective delivery, integration and sustainability of Positive Education initiatives across the whole school community. 

    Potential research projects: investigating the impact of Positive Education training and professional learning practices such as coaching; integration of Positive Education with quality teacher frameworks; Positive Education professional learning in relation to organisational change and innovation.

  2. Whole School Implementation

    The focus of this research is continuing to develop an evidence-base for the Learn, Live, Teach Embed Geelong Grammar School Applied Model of Positive Education. We aim to explore whole school change through exploring and integrating different perspectives from within the school system - students, educators, staff and carers.

    Potential research projects: what are the active ingredients of positive education; systematic reviews of implementation factors; contextualised understandings of barriers and enablers for different people within the school system; studies tracking outcomes and return on investment for positive education efforts.
  3. Program/Curriculum development and evaluation 

    In this area, we aim to lead in the design and continuing evaluation of an evidence-based Positive Education curriculum. Within this aim, there are opportunities for collaboration with external program and assessment providers, as well as universities for consultation and independent evaluation.

    Potential research projects: randomised control trials of positive education programs, systematic review of positive development, development of positive education metrics for students.