We understand that being able to answer the question of ‘How does Positive Education impact a school community?’ is critical to demonstrating the value of Positive Education.   

Researchers at IPE are closely connected to both the real-world application of Positive Education in schools and current academic research. At IPE we place strong value on being rigorous and critical with the aim of improving wellbeing outcomes for all.

We understand the importance, and challenges associated with schools being data informed and evidence-based in their implementation of Positive Education.

Our research team has:

  • Extensive knowledge of valid ways to measure wellbeing for children, young people and adults in school settings
  • Understanding and know-how for best practice methodologies in implementing Positive Education and data-informed practices across whole school communities
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills to support schools in targeted continuous improvement efforts and evidence-based practice

We see three areas where expert research guidance can assist schools in reaching positive outcomes:

  1. Getting started with measurement at your school

    With so many wellbeing measurement tools available at the moment (both free and paid), it can be challenging for schools to decide on the right measure for them. We support schools to identify their measurement needs and goals and align these with the most appropriate measures.

  2. Establishing your Evaluation Strategy

    Evaluation and implementation go hand in hand. Yet there is no one size fits all approach to Positive Education evaluation. We believe it is important to assist schools to develop an evaluation strategy which is matched to their specific mission and purpose. This involves understanding the full story of why certain information is valuable and how this information will be used.

  3. Continuous improvement and evidence-based practice
    We understand that the initial phases of Positive Education are very exciting, yet this excitement does not always translate into something which is integrated and sustainable across the whole school. Our researchers can provide customised research summaries for areas of need in a school, for example, evidence-based practices for promoting staff wellbeing, the relationship between other educational frameworks such as SEL and Positive Education, student engagement in the middle years of high school, promoting purpose and meaning for school-leavers.

If you would like more information about our research services please contact us at the Institute of Positive Education.