Fortes Education became one of the Institute’s flagship partner schools having initially connected with them at the International Positive Education Network (IPEN) Festival in 2016. The national network aims to help schools implement Positive Education and wellbeing concepts.

Fortes Education is rated amongst the leading schools in Dubai, and invited the Institute to train their teachers in Positive Education. Fortes then used the Institute’s Learn, Live, Teach, Embed model to help provide a strong foundation to prepare the school community for the explicit teaching of Positive Education.

The Institute officially launched its explicit Positive Education Enhanced Curriculum (PEEC) this year with the aim to help schools lead dedicated Positive Education classes where students can learn the evidence-based wellbeing skills that contribute to living a healthy and fulfilling life.

Fortes Education have been piloting the curriculum for the past 12 months, which has provided them with an exciting whole-school approach to wellbeing.

PEEC is here to stay’ says Katerina Mankani, Director of Positive Education at Fortes Education. ‘The way the curriculum is structured, you can see the progression from Early Learning through to Secondary. It is age-appropriate and at the same time, it is exciting for children’.

When asked about teachers’ experience with PEEC at Fortes, Katerina says that ‘the lessons are easy for teachers to understand and adapt. We like the research behind PEEC. Every lesson has an evidence base.

In addition to their world-leading Positive Education training courses, the Institute has introduced PEEC consultancy services so that schools can harness and address the challenges faced in the implementation of a sustainable, whole-school approach to the curriculum. 

One of the most important components in implementing Positive Education, Katerina claims, is ‘getting the teachers on board’. To implement a new initiative successfully, teachers need to develop an authentic understanding and value the components of Positive Education. ‘The IPE’s unprecedented experience and the quality of the trainers supported us a lot with the implementation of PEEC. We felt like we were implementing the curriculum together with the team in Australia.

Earlier this year, the Institute increased its international footprint and expanded its office to Dubai to deliver more Positive Education training and harness the best of the UAE’s approach to education.

Schools and governments around the world are increasingly recognising the social, emotional, and academic benefits of placing wellbeing science at the heart of education’ says David Bott, Associate Director of the Institute who is championing the international expansion of the Institute.

Our recent work supporting schools in the UAE, and in our direct support of the UAE government in the Middle East has shown that, whilst our cultures and histories are different, wellbeing is a universal human language. PEEC provides a practical, proven, ready-to-go resource, grounded in science and written by a team with decades of practice wisdom.

The highly anticipated curriculum has captured the interest of schools nationally and internationally with the resource being purchased by 90 schools across 18 countries worldwide since its pre-sale period.

PEEC is officially available to all Australian and international schools and we are inviting teachers to sign up to the Institute’s E-Newsletter to receive a sample of the curriculum.

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