Positive Education, Oxford University Press, Geelong Grammar School

Oxford University Press published Positive Education: The Geelong Grammar School Journey in the UK on Thursday 7 May as part of the Oxford Series in Positive Psychology. The book explains the key tenets of Positive Psychology and examines the School’s practical application of the science and research of Positive Psychology through the development of its ground-breaking Positive Education programme. With a foreword by Professor Martin Seligman and contributions from world leaders in the field of Positive Psychology, such as Roy Baumeister, Tal Ben-Shahar, Barbara Fredrickson, Felicia Huppert and George Vaillant, the book fills a crucial space between academic theory and practical application, making it a landmark publication.

The book provides a comprehensive overview of how Geelong Grammar School became the first school in the world to implement Positive Psychology. Expert introductions offer excellent overviews of the theory and research of Positive Psychology, whilst case studies from the School provide concrete ideas and examples of Positive Education in action. The integration theory and practice aids teachers and educators to apply Positive Psychology to their own working environment, inspiring them to embark upon their own journey with Positive Education.

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We received the comment below in an email from Gloria Leung, Principal of Kau Yan School in Hong Kong, after a recent visit to GGS.

"The visit was unforgettable and inspiring. I must say we are all grateful for the excellent arrangement and warm hospitality we received in GGS. I have read the book about GGS's positive education journey once I arrived home. This touches me deeply. Throughout so many years, your team has been putting unfailing effort and determination to actualize the vision, not only at GGS but also at many other schools in Australia and all over the world like HK. We are fortune to be able to benefit tremendously from the seeds you and your team sow. Without any reservation, I will try my very best to plant positive education in our own soil. I plan to draft our own positive education curriculum with the support of the keen members, as well as sharing with all teachers, parents and the community. A whole school approach will be adopted. It takes time and effort, yet it's worthwhile because HK is a city full of stress and frustration."