Brisbane, QLD

4 - 6 December: Discovering More Positive Education, Queensland

Canberra, ACT

23 - 25 September: Discovering More Positive Education, Canberra

Geelong, VIC (Geelong Grammar School - Corio Campus)

20 - 23 January: Discovering Positive Education, Geelong (residential)

14 March: Positive Education for Parents, Geelong 

21 May: Exploring Mindfulness, Geelong
22 May: Positive Teaching Practices, Geelong
23 May: Positive Education in Action, Geelong

9 - 12 July: Discovering More Positive Education, Geelong (residential)

30 October: Introduction to Positive Education, Geelong
31 October: Exploring Mindfulness, Geelong
1 November: Positive Education in Action, Geelong

Melbourne, VIC (Geelong Grammar School - Toorak Campus)

20 March: Introduction to Positive Education, Melbourne
21 March: Understanding and Managing Teacher Stress, Melbourne
22 March: Positive Education in Action, Melbourne

4 September: Embedding Character Strengths, Melbourne
5 September: Positive Teaching Practices, Melbourne
6 September: Positive Education in Action, Melbourne

24 - 26 September: Discovering Positive Education, Melbourne

Mount Barker, SA

6 - 8 December: Discovering More Positive Education, South Australia

Perth, WA

28 - 30 May: Discovering Positive Education, Perth



5 April: Introduction to Positive Education, Canada

New Zealand

15 April: Introduction to Positive Education, New Zealand
16 April: Positive Teaching Practices, New Zealand


28 May: Embedding Character Strengths, Singapore
29 May: Positive Teaching Practices, Singapore
30 May: Implementing Positive Education, Singapore

13 - 15 September: Discovering Positive Education, Singapore