The Institute of Positive Education runs training courses in Australia and overseas that are designed to have a meaningful impact on the wellbeing of both educators and their students, allowing them to flourish both inside and outside the classroom. The courses allow participants to explore the key concepts and skills of Positive Education in a practical way, with all content being supported by empirical research.

Please note that some of our one-day workshops are offered concurrently in sets of three. Although it is not required by any means, we do recommend that if you are considering attending one of these workshops that you consider attending the series of all three in order to get the most out of your Positive Education experience.


Geelong, VIC (Geelong Grammar School - Corio Campus)

19 - 21 January: Discovering Positive Education, Geelong (residential)

29 March - 1 April: Discovering More Positive Education, Geelong (residential)

8 - 10 July: Discovering Positive Education, Geelong (residential)

26 August: Embedding Character Strengths, Geelong

27 August: Positive Education in Action, Geelong (Secondary/Years 7-12)

28 August: Exploring Mindfulness, Geelong

Melbourne, VIC (Geelong Grammar School - Toorak Campus)

18 March: Introduction to Positive Education, Melbourne

19 March: Understanding & Managing Teacher Stress, Melbourne

20 March: Positive Education in Action, Melbourne (Primary/Years P-6)

21 - 23 September: Discovering More Positive Education, Melbourne

11 November: Positive Teaching Practices, Melbourne

13 November: Positive Education in Action, Melbourne (Primary/Years P-6)


29 June: Introduction to Positive Education, Perth

30 June: Positive Teaching Practices, Perth




27 February: Embedding Character Strengths, Vietnam

28 February: Optimizing Resilience, Vietnam

29 February: High-Quality Connections, Vietnam


15 - 17 May: Discovering Positive Education, Chile

18 May: Embedding Character Strengths, Chile

Further courses for 2020 and beyond will be added as dates and venues are confirmed. Please keep an eye on this site and our social media channels for more details.