Live and learn Positive Education at your own school with the Institute of Positive Education’s on-site training and consulting services. Led by our experienced trainers, these services are an effective and affordable way to introduce your teaching and/or non-teaching staff to key Positive Education concepts. 

On-Site Training:

  • We can deliver any of our one-day or three-day courses, specifically for your staff at your location. 
  • We can also develop a bespoke training course that meets your schools specific objectives. 
  • Cost is determined on how many days we facilitate training, and how many participants are in attendance. One-day courses require a ratio of one trainer to 50 participants, and our three-day courses require a minimum of two trainers.  
  • Costs include the trainer(s) time, resources, course materials, and travel expenses (if required).
    (To provide you with a quote, we would need to know which course you would like facilitated, and the number of staff that will be in attendance.)

Consulting Services:

  • Our consulting services are designed to offer you bespoke Positive Education courses, delivered on-site at your school and designed to meet your specific organisational requirements.
  • Our consulting services are in high demand and are best suited to schools who are looking at establishing a full Positive Education model. The Institute of Positive Education use these sessions to gain a better understanding of the school in order to provide the school with a written recommendation of what is required, and how to begin the process via a 'roadmap' of deliverables. 
  • These sessions also give the school community the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of Positive Education and a deeper appreciation of what is required to effectively implement Positive Education in their unique organisation.

 To find out more, contact us on ipebookings@ggs.vic.edu.au or via 1800 767 331

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