Limited dates now available for 2018

Live and learn Positive Education at your own school with the Institute of Positive Education’s one-day on-site training courses. Led by our experienced trainers, these courses are an effective and affordable way to introduce your teaching and/or non-teaching staff to key Positive Education concepts. 

One-day on-site training options for 2018 include:

Getting Started with Positive Education

This introductory workshop gives an overview of Positive Education and how it can help schools to flourish. Drawing on Geelong Grammar School’s experience of implementing a whole-school approach, and that of hundreds of other schools we have trained worldwide, the day will look at the benefits of Positive Education, the underlying research that guides teaching practice and the GGS Model of Positive Education. Participants will have the chance to try out key wellbeing activities as taught in Positive Education classes at Geelong Grammar School, and reflect on how the concepts could be taught and embedded in their own school context.

Positive Teaching Practices

This one-day course explores the micro-skills of highly successful teachers, focusing on the student-teacher relationship and how this affects the way that students learn. Participants will explore their own strengths as a teacher, and how these can be used in the classroom to form relationships that help their students thrive. 

Embedding Character Strengths

This one-day course will explore the language and framework of the VIA Character Strength Classification, and how these can be applied and embedded in a school setting. Participants will explore how character can be learned, practiced and cultivated in the classroom, and be introduced to ways that character strengths can be used to enhance teaching and learning across your school.

How to Change a Culture

This one-day course draws on the work of thought leaders and key researchers in the fields of Developmental Psychology, Positive Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Leadership, Motivation and Reflective Science, to focus on the management of mistake, the reparation of relationships damaged by mistake, and the role of forgiveness in wellbeing for individuals and organisations. Participants will explore and discuss relationship management policies in their schools, and how they can take practical steps to change their school culture and improve wellbeing.

Values-based Stress Management

This one-day course is designed to allow teachers to explore and practise a new set of skills emerging from the field of Acceptance & Commitment Training. These skills are specifically designed to help educators better handle the inevitable stressors associated with teaching and leading schools, and to think, make decisions and act more in line with their core values. 


For Australian schools, courses cost:

  • $3750+GST per trainer per day* +
  • Materials cost +
  • Travel and accommodation costs for trainer(s) as required.

* For groups of over 50 participants, two trainers are needed.

For groups of over 200 participants or for overseas school bookings, please call the Institute on +61 3 5227 6222 to discuss requirements.

Limited dates are available for on-site training in 2018 – please contact us to book in sessions for your school.