The Institute of Positive Education runs training courses in Australia and overseas that are designed to have a meaningful impact on the wellbeing on both educators and their students, allowing them to flourish both inside and outside the classroom. The courses allow participants to explore the key concepts and skills of Positive Education in a practical way, with all content being supported by empirical research. 

For more information about each of our courses, follow the links on our our 2016 Positive Education Training Calendar.


In deciding what course is right for you and your school, the following questions might be helpful:

Are you wanting to find out about what Positive Education looks like, whether it is right for you and your school, and how you might begin implementing it?

Are you wanting to upskill yourself and staff at your school about the latest and most relevant research into how schools can foster wellbeing across their whole community?

  • Our four-day Discovering Positive Education course provides your staff with  a comprehensive understanding and experience of the science underpinning Positive Education.
  • For those who have already done the Discovering course or other Positive Education training, we are offering a second four-day immersion, covering ten new topics: Discovering More Positive Education.

Are you hoping to gain some specific skills in how you can apply different aspects of Positive Education to improve student wellbeing within your role in the school?

Our one-day courses cover specific skills and areas of interest such as:

No prior experience in Positive Education is required to attend our one-day courses.

Are you ready to take the next step in implementing a whole-school approach to Positive Education?

  • Our one-day Implementing Positive Education course is a collaborative workshop where participants will audit their school and learn how to embed positive psychology into their practices and policies

Are you a member of the Geelong Grammar School community, looking to find out more information about Positive Education?

Every year, the Institute runs Positive Education talks and workshops for the Geelong Grammar School community, including parents and Old Geelong Grammarians. In 2017, these will include Strategies for Living Well and Positive Education for Parents.