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Barwon Heads Primary School officially launched their ‘BHPS Pos. Ed. Statements’ at a vibrant school assembly on September 14.

The day marked the culmination of a year of planning and dedication from BHPS students and teachers.

The Positive Education statements encompass the five pillars of the school’s wellbeing model (Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Mindfulness and Accomplishment), and will be visible around the school and in the playground, to encourage positive behaviour and assist students to flourish. Each family has also been given their own copy to use at home.

The statements are taught, referred to in class and in the playground to encourage positive behaviour and assist students to flourish in their lives at school and beyond.

Designed by students and staff, the purpose of the statements is to enhance the visibility of Positive Education, provide a goal-setting tool for student personal development and enhance the wellbeing of those in their school community.

The school has been leading the way for other state schools in the region in practising Positive Education to improve student wellbeing and nurture happy, resilient children.

BHPS staff maintain a strong passion for wellbeing in education and have participated in Institute and other Positive Education training courses, and are in their third year of implementing a Positive Education program at their school. 

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