Conference Brings Together Top Experts to Focus on Positive Education in Schools

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Geelong Grammar School’s Institute of Positive Education and its ground-breaking wellbeing programme has spurred a wellbeing movement in education across the globe. The Institute has been hailed as leaders in the field of Positive Education, which brings together wellbeing science with best practice teaching to encourage and support individuals, schools and communities to flourish. The Institute refers to flourishing as a combination of ‘feeling good and doing good’.

The Institute of Positive Education is now at the cutting edge of a growing field, with people all around the world traveling to participate in its courses. Now, for the first time, educators in Sydney will have the chance to hear from leaders in the field at the Institute’s inaugural Positive Education Symposium being held at St Andrew’s Cathedral School

From Wednesday October 9 - Friday October 11, teachers and trainers from the Institute of Positive Education will gather for three full day workshops to showcase some of the most important science, skills and practice that they have learned and gathered over the past 11 years in working with educators from over 1,200 schools. 

Director of the Institute, Justin Robinson joyfully spreads the word on how Positive Education can improve student wellbeing and encourages schools to embed a Positive Education programme within their school community. He is highly recognised for his outstanding and pioneering work in Positive Education and has been invited to write and speak at conferences in Australia and around the world.

Our Positive Education Model can be thought of as a road map of what people want for themselves and their students — a life where a person uses their character strengths in ways that support the self and others, and that has flourishing at the heart.’ Justin says.

Positive Education focuses on specific skills that assist students to strengthen their relationships, build positive emotions, enhance personal resilience, promote mindfulness and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Research is now beginning to show that Positive Education programmes decrease stress and anxiety as well as increase self-efficacy, self-esteem and optimism.

Derek Champion, Leader of Wellbeing and Character at St Andrew’s Cathedral School attended two courses led by the Institute of Positive Education and is passionate about student wellbeing, ‘Teaching the whole student, working to shape character and improve student wellbeing is the reason I became a teacher’ he says.

I was fortunate enough to visit Geelong Grammar School and hear the story of Positive Education. I became interested in their approach and wanted to see how it might be applied in our context. Positive Education challenges students to ask the big questions, and to think deeply about their purpose and how they can connect with something bigger than themselves. There is much to gain from this for young people, and I think they are thirsty for this sort of knowledge.

The Institute of Positive Education has delivered training courses to more than 17,000 participants and held workshops throughout 11 countries since its establishment and has recently opened offices in the Middle East (Dubai) and Canada. The Institute consists of experienced teachers (primary and secondary) and qualified psychologists and researchers.

For more information about the workshop streams and to book your ticket, please visit the Symposium page on the Institute’s website or phone 03 5227 6222.