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Geelong’s own Institute of Positive Education and its world-renowned wellbeing programme will break new ground through a partnership with Sirovilla Retirement Village.

Positive Education, which focuses on the science of wellbeing, began at Geelong Grammar School in 2008 and has spurred a wellbeing movement in education across the globe.

This movement will now extend to Geelong’s ageing community through a series of health and wellbeing workshops.

Director of the Institute of Positive Education, Justin Robinson said the fortnightly sessions beginning on Thursday, February 28, were designed to challenge stereotypes within ageing and enable attendees to learn about practical interventions to support greater wellbeing and thriving.

“Elderly people, particularly over 65, tend to be healthier and happier than adults half their age. In fact, research shows that healthy ageing can be improved through choices in behaviour and thinking.

“The Sirovilla workshops will explore how elderly people can make a significant contribution to the community and improve their quality of life through continued growth and development,” Mr Robinson said.

The project is being funded through a grant from Give Where You Live, with the workshops open not only to Sirovilla’s residents but to all elderly people in the G21 local community.

It is hoped the project, subject to further funding next year, will be rolled out to additional groups across the wider community.

Sirovilla’s Executive Officer Michelle Ball said “Sirovilla is extremely fortunate and very honoured to be granted such a gift from the Give Where You Live Foundation and to work alongside The Institute of Positive Education. The free six series program is an exciting opportunity, drawing participants from across the G21 region promoting connectedness, resilience and reinforcing the benefits of life-long learning.”

There will be three 90-minute sessions in each of the six workshops led by specialist trainers from the Institute of Positive Education.

The Institute of Positive Education has been hailed as a world-class leader in the field of Positive Education, which educates people how to reach their full potential through the science of wellbeing.

The Institute of Positive Education has delivered training courses to more than 17,000 participants and held workshops throughout 11 countries since its establishment. It has recently opened offices in the Middle East (Dubai) and Canada.

For further information about the Sirovilla sessions and to book a place at these workshops, please contact Michelle Ball on 03 5241 1517.