Evolution requires evidence. In collaboration with leading alliance partners, The University of South Australia, The University of Melbourne and The University of Connecticut, we are applying the very best and latest creativity research to our educational context, leading the field from theory to practice and imagination to innovation. Evidence from this research will be applied in our classrooms across our campuses, bringing the science of creativity and learning together through the art of teaching.

Our academic alliance partners bring with them a range and depth of experience in creativity, innovation and creative education. Their complementary collaborative skills have given Creative Education a sound theoretical underpinning. This will be a springboard for our research projects in the future. We currently have over 27 collaborative publications.

Academic Alliance Partners of Creative Education


James Kaufman

Professor James Kaufman, University of Connecticut
Recognised as the world’s leading authority in the field of Creativity, James Kaufman has developed his relationship with Geelong Grammar School since 2015. He brings a depth of knowledge and experience to the broader field of Creativity. He has nearly 400 publications of books, book chapters and articles, and nearly 16,000 citations in the academic literature.

David CropleyProfessor David Cropley, University of South Australia
David Cropley is the Professor of Engineering Innovation at The University of South Australia. He has published in the areas of engineering, organisational and educational creativity, including STEM, the malevolent side of creativity, and the measurement of creativity. He has over 150 publications of books, book chapters and articles, and nearly 3,000 citations in the academic literature.




In collaboration with Deloitte Centre for the Edge, we are exploring the competencies and attitudes necessary for negotiating the digital world. A series of round tables in 2017 looked at the question “To Code or Not to Code” (PDF 1.2MB). In 2019 we will be consulting with industry, business, educators and policy makers in developing a scope and sequence of digital attitudes and competencies to be implemented at GGS.