Year 5

Students study the ways of life of people in the past, the impact of voyages of discovery and the sequence of major events in Australia. They explore a Personal Identity unit and Indigenous Culture. They undertake a field trip to Sovereign Hill and study pioneers, early settlement and gold. Students develop research skills using a variety of information resources. They develop their presentation skills and learn to present their findings in a range of ways using technology. Other units studied revolve around specific topical issues which vary from year to year.

Year 6

In Economics, students describe the difference between needs and wants, and their own roles as producers and consumers of goods and services. The topic of Civics and Citizenship entails students identifying the need for rules and laws and the values that underpin rule and law making. They undertake a study tour in Canberra to investigate the parliamentary process and other aspects of the capital. In students’ studies of Asia, they identify similarities and differences in countries, geography and cultures throughout Asia. The historical aspect of this subject involves students studying significant events and people in Australia’s history since Federation. They explore the sequence of events related to Australia’s history and describe why selected events were significant in the development of Australia as it is today.