Both Semesters

The Timbertop French course is designed for students who have received at least two prior years of French instruction, thus equipping them with sound grammatical and vocabulary knowledge. It is a course in which students continue to develop the four macro skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing in order to gather information relevant to various situations in everyday life, both at Timbertop and generally. Major thematic topics include: The Timbertop programme and school life; the French-speaking world; holidays and leisure activities; as well as discussion of personal and physical attributes applying to themselves, family, and friends. Grammatically, the course instructs students in the use of pronouns, modal verbs, interrogation, negation, adjective placement and agreement, and different tenses including the present, near future, perfect and imperfect past tense, conditional and imperative. This is done by encouraging the students to consider English grammar in greater depth, and drawing parallels between the two languages. 

1. Listening Skills (25%)
2. Reading Skills (25%)
3. Speaking Skills (25%)
4. Writing Skills (25%)



Year 11 and 12 - VCE

Year 10

Middle School - Years 7 to 8