The Study of Religion and Spirituality (SRS) at Geelong Grammar School has been developed to encourage both an objective and sympathetic study of religion and spirituality, in particular to look at the beliefs, practices and experience of the Christian faith. The Year 9 syllabus aims at deepening the students’ knowledge and appreciation of faith and spirituality in an Anglican context. Students are encouraged to assess the place of religion, spirituality and personal faith in the overall setting of the Timbertop year. In broad terms the academic studies for SRS are:

Term 1: Introduction to philosophical concepts of Belief and Science and an exploration of the main events and significance of the Easter Story.
Term 2: Introduction to the philosophy of Ethics and Morality, and an overview of the five World Religions, with a critical examination of Fundamentalism.
Term 3: An overview of the history of the Christian Church and the rise of various denominations.
Term 4: A study of the film “Amazing Grace” which looks at the abolition of slavery, and the forging of a personal ethical and belief system.

1. An Attitude and Effort Grade based on Classwork and Module (100%)