The Ancient Roman World

This unit gives a look into one of the most famous Empires in History, the Roman Empire. The unit begins with the study of the founder of the Roman Empire, Augustus and continues with the Julio-Claudian Emperors. Students examine political, social, economic and religious life in first century Rome. Next we turn our attention to the bay of Naples to study the town of Pompeii. In 79AD a volcanic eruption covered the Roman town of Pompeii in five metres of ash and pumice. Today we are left with one of the best preserved and most widely visited archaeological sites in the world. Students examine the written and archaeological evidence of everyday life in a Roman town 2000 years ago. This unit will also give students an opportunity to engage in a historical project of their designing relating to current archaeological work in Pompeii. This unit will give students the opportunity to build and develop historical and critical thinking skills crucial to the study of History in Years 11 and 12. 

1. Assessment
2. Coursework 20%
3. Research Essay 20%
4. Project 30%
5. Examination 30%



Group 3 - History
Year 11 and 12 - IB

Year 11 and 12 - VCE

History (Australian Curriculum)
Timbertop - Year 9

Middle School - Years 5 to 8