(one semester)

This unit examines the place of texts, and the literary forms within texts, in the context of the religious traditions from which they come. Story-telling is one of the major literary forms in religious traditions; other forms include law, prophecy, sacred songs, reflection and instruction. This unit explores the importance of texts as the source of a tradition and how we might find and describe their meaning for the past and for the future within the religion they represent. The discovery of meaning in a religious text is known as exegesis. This unit introduces the student to basic methods of exegesis to bring about a deeper awareness of the meaning of texts to their religious tradition. This unit also explores how texts have been used by people both within and beyond the religious tradition to bring meaning to issues or ideas in a new cultural setting. The texts studied will come mainly from the Christian and Jewish traditions, with a consideration of some Islamic writings. 

1. Coursework (50%)
2. Examination (50%)



Religious Studies
Middle School - Years 5 to 8