Values and Ethics is taught to all Year 10 students throughout the year. A single period is used per cycle to teach students various topics. The subject is taught by the Head of Campus and Vice Principal. This enables a consistency in how the topics are taught, as well as the desire for the Head of Campus and Vice Principal to get to know every student. The former reason helps when certain key topics are taught and the latter is important for the development of meaningful relationships.

Semester 1: The Values and Ethics course in Semester 1 looks at topics that will help students settle into the School, assist with the understanding of certain key policies and rules, reinforce some of the tenets of Positive Psychology and engage in conversation about what it means to live and be part of a community. Topics include: The Definition of Success in Life, Dealing with Adversity, Are Humans Born Good or Bad? the World of Cyberia, Adolescent Sexual Behaviour and Truth.

Semester 2: The Values and Ethics Course in Semester 2 focuses on Environmental Ethics. Three questions are asked at the beginning of the course: Where do humans originate from? How have humans managed Earth since their arrival? How will humans manage the Earth in the future? Topics covered include: How did life start on Earth? Creationism versus Evolution, Mass Extinctions, Evolution of Homo Sapien, the Gaia Hypothesis, the World’s Indigenous Peoples, The Future of Food and Energy.

Values and Ethics is not assessed. There are no examinations or tests. There is no set classwork or prep. Despite this, students are engaged in the topics taught. A variety of media are used to get salient points across including: stories, music, film, poetry, YouTube, TV, etc. Healthy discussion is encouraged.