In Term 1, the Timbertop ‘weekends’ commence with students camping out and learning the practical and theoretical skills that allows them to be safe, comfortable and to flourish in the outdoors. Their training culminates with a hike up Mt. Timbertop. The remainder of the term involves students developing their navigation and camp craft skills while undertaking increasingly challenging hikes. Students are also involved in an overnight solo experience that provides them with some time to reflect on their achievements so far in the term along with an opportunity to refresh for the remainder of Term 1. The term culminates in a 3 Day Hike where students choose their own hiking routes to test their skill and resilience levels.

In Term 2, students explore new terrain during a four day unit-based hike. This allows students to focus on the group dynamics of their unit and provides opportunities for individuals to demonstrate leadership. Another opportunity is provided this term for a solo experience with an increased period of time to reflect. A unit-based Rogaine competition, where units race each other to collect markers around campus and up on top of Mt. Timbertop, completes Semester 1 in the outdoors.

Semester 2 begins with students undertaking an overnight winter expedition on Mt. Stirling where they sleep in the GGS Hut. The adventure then progresses to a four day unit-based backcountry snow camping expedition on the Bogong High Plains. Term 3 culminates in a Mystery Hike competition in nearby bushland around Mt. Timbertop and the Howqua River.

The culmination of the skills and resilience students have developed in the first three terms is put to the test in Term 4. Students undertake the unit-based cryptic ‘Hunt for the Hermit’s Gold’ Hike, two Option Hikes in addition to ‘Project Sparta’ where hike groups can choose to live like hermits, Taungurung nomads or even like Timbertop Students from the past. The students then finish their year in the outdoors with a Four Day Hike and then a Six Day Hike where they plan their own route and create their own hike notes to enable them to safely navigate their way through the Victorian High Country.