ART - Visual Communication Design


Either Semester

Visual Communication Design relates to design in the following areas: publishing, advertising, architecture, product design, package and multimedia design. It has practical applications in environmental, industrial and communication design, as well as engineering. Students explore manual and digital methods to develop and refine presentations. They are introduced to the basic vocabulary of visual communication through practical exercises in advertising, typography, layout, rendering and computer work. Freehand and instrumental drawing techniques are investigated in a series of practical exercises to produce a number of folios. In addition, students research and analyse an example of a commercial visual design, as well as look at various fields of practice within the design area. Creative, critical and reflective thinking supports students to progress through the design process. The study can be continued either through VCE Visual Communiction Design, or IB Visual Arts.

1. Folios (70%)
2. Research and Analysis (30%)


Visual Communication Design
Year 11 and 12 - VCE