ART - Film

Either Semester

In this subject, students explore a variety of film narratives and genres, discovering how filmmakers use camera techniques, editing, lighting and sound – to tell stories. At the same time, the students learn how to become better filmmakers by utilizing the same techniques in the production of collaborative short films. Students are also introduced to a variety of design thinking techniques and are encouraged to develop imaginative and conceptual responses to selected topics. In the appreciation component, students develop research and analysis skills with a focus on specific filmmakers and film genres. By engaging in thoughtful analysis of established video artists, existing media and production techniques, students become discerning consumers of images, text and sound of all kinds, in an increasingly complex media landscape. Students who successfully complete this unit will have an opportunity to continue this study either through Media and/or Studio Arts, or IB Visual Arts.

1. Folio (70%)
2. Research and Analysis (30%)