Either Semester

The course introduces business, legal, economic and financial concepts to students and is an excellent preparation for those students wishing to study: Accounting, Business Management, Economics (both IB and VCE), and or Legal Studies in Years 11 and 12. Underpinning this course is the creative and engaging way it is delivered collaboratively with our students.

Consumers, businesses and governments interact on a daily basis, exchanging goods and services that impact upon each other’s lives on a global scale in real time. Businesses thrive when their staff have the skills of collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving and an entrepreneurial mindset. This is a semester length course that aims to develop the students’ skills in these important areas and offers them an appreciation of the evolving nature of Commerce in a rapidly changing world.

Students will be exposed to both contemporary and well-known landmark cases in the area of Legal Studies such as Peter Falconio and Borce Ristevski. Activities and tasks are shaped around ever-changing events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and excursions to the Melbourne Magistrates Court. The skills that are accessed include report writing, analytical writing and evaluation of both information and financial data. Balance sheets and income statements are compiled and analysed to determine business performance. Students will have the ability to interpret the financial markets and other investment products to plan for their future. Financial literacy also plays a significant part of this course to prepare students for the future.

1. Coursework (80%)
2. Common Tests (20%)