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The twentieth century was a critical period of social, cultural, economic and political development around the world. In this course students will build on their knowledge from their studies in Year 9 and delve into this exciting period of change, from the end of WWI through to the modern world. There will be an opportunity to investigate two key themes: Conflict and Protest. The conflict unit explores the causes and nature of WWII and the Cold War and encourages students to make comparisons with conflict in our world today. Students subsequently study the Civil Rights campaigns in Australia and the USA, before considering other protest movements in post-war Australia and the modern world. Throughout the course students will deepen their capacity to critically analyse historical evidence and form coherent arguments. They will also strengthen their understanding of the key historical concepts of change and continuity, cause and consequence and significance. There are opportunities for students to enhance their self-directed learning skills through research projects which incorporate collaboration, creativity, research and presentation skills. This course has further applications for study of History (IB and VCE) and Australian and Global Politics (VCE) and provides valuable context for those studying English Literature and the Arts.

1. Source analysis tasks 40%
2. Progress tests 40%
3. Coursework 20%



Group 3 - History
Year 11 and 12 - IB

Year 11 and 12 - VCE

Australian and Global Politics
Year 11 and 12 - VCE

History (Australian Curriculum)
Timbertop - Year 9

Middle School - Years 5 to 8