The School only offers second language learning. Students cannot take a language if they have been previously taught in schools where that language is the medium of instruction.

Chinese will be studied in Year 5 and Year 6. In Year 7 all students select two languages from the three available languages of Chinese, French and Japanese. Specific combinations of languages will be dependent upon student numbers and it must be recognised that some combinations may not be possible in any given year. Students will choose one of the languages studied in Year 7 to continue in Year 8. Students new to the School in Year 8 without an adequate background in these languages, will need to choose the Accelerated Beginners’ Courses in Japanese or French.

Note: Students with significant prior learning in any of the languages may not be suited to taking the Years 7 and 8 courses in that language. 

Students use technology to produce a range of written responses and to build up a database of vocabulary items. A variety of multimedia programmes enables students to reinforce skills learned in the classroom by exposing them to a range of interesting activities on set themes which they may complete at their own pace.