Either Semester 

The Timbertop campus is set on 325 hectares, approximately 200 hectares of which is farming land. It is well-suited to provide students with an exciting introduction to a diverse range of agricultural studies. Students develop their theoretical knowledge and practical skills by their involvement with the School’s Murray Grey beef cattle, prime lamb enterprise and other working aspects of the Timbertop farm.

Students are offered one semester to study these sub-systems. Semester 1 is offered during Summer and Autumn and Semester 2 is offered during Winter and Spring, therefore, the fieldwork covered during a semester will vary, depending on the operations occurring during that season. In both semesters the students will study sustainable agriculture practices, basic economics, pasture and land management, animal production including animal husbandry, reproduction and digestion. The primary aim is to optimise the use of all resources, including natural assets, labour and energy without contributing to environmental degradation.

It is expected that over the year all students studying this elective, whatever their background, will be exposed to a range of practical skills, ethical decisions and problem-solving experiences in a unique environment. The subject places strong emphasis on practical learning and creative education with the students being given the opportunity to work in the field on every possible occasion. These lessons will be of value to them in all of their present and future studies.