Students choosing this course are expected to have completed at least the Timbertop accelerated German course (or its equivalent).

Both Semesters

The course continues to develop the four macro skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students interact orally in a range of situations and use and adapt models to pass on information to others or in activities. They understand the main ideas in a range of texts and use the information both orally and in writing. They write three or four linked paragraphs for personal, social or information purposes.

In Semester 1, content areas include: pocket money and buying clothes, daily routine and chores.

In Semester 2, content areas include: future plans, holidays and jobs, ordering food, sport, celebrations, cultural information about Germany.

There is a strong focus on grammatical points and structures: students will learn the Nominative, Accusative and Dative cases, adjective endings, aspects of word order such as Time-Manner-Place and the Present, Past Perfect and Future Tenses.

The core coursework is complemented by a range of activities, computer software and internet access designed to foster individual learning and extend students to their capacity.

1. Listening Skills (25%)
2. Speaking Skills (25%)
3. Reading Skills (25%)
4. Writing Skills (25%)

Please contact Catherine Campbell, Head of Languages, for additional Languages information.


Timbertop - Year 9