Both Semesters

In order to study Japanese at Year 10 it is expected that students will have completed two to three years of study of the language between Years 7 and 9. This course requires students to have prior knowledge (at least 150 hours) of Japanese and a good grasp of script.

In Semester 1 students learn to exchange personal information with greater detail and sophistication. They are able to extract relevant information from written and oral sources despite the presence of unfamiliar elements. Students are expected to create pieces of work using various discourse forms and styles. The number of Kanji introduced is increased and students consolidate their ability to use all three scripts. Content areas include the personal world, shopping and eating out.

In Semester 2, students participate in a number of oral activities, being able to both give and receive information and communicate orally in the style appropriate to the occasion. More Kanji are introduced and students continue to consolidate their knowledge of the three scripts. Content areas include; life in Japan, school life and activities and directions.

At the end of each unit of work, students are tested on the topic they have studied. The focus of these assessments is on listening and reading. Throughout the units of work students are assessed on their written and oral skills. Assessment tasks, where appropriate, are modelled on the style of assessment used in senior years.

1. Listening Skills (25%)
2. Speaking Skills (25%)
3. Reading Skills (25%)
4. Writing Skills (25%)

Please contact Catherine Campbell, Head of Languages, for additional Languages information.


Timbertop - Year 9

Middle School - Years 7 to 8