Semester 1 ONLY  


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Description

This elective focusses on the realisation of creative ideas through the exploration of a broad range of processes. In the practical component, students explore personal responses to a variety of subject matter across two- and three- dimensional artforms. In addition, students are introduced to a variety of presentation techniques and are encouraged to develop imaginative and conceptual responses to selected topics. They are encouraged to develop, refine and confidently implement a range of techniques to enhance ideas and imagery using a broad range of media and materials. In the appreciation component, students investigate historical and contemporary artists from a range of cultural contexts, and further develop their skills in interpreting and analysing artworks. The study can be continued either through VCE Studio Arts (Units 1-4), or IB Visual Arts.

1. Folio (70%)
2. Research and Analysis (30%)