The course focuses on the complexities of learning and teaching through practical application of coaching. Topics will enable students to prepare for VCE Unit 1 and 2 Physical Education as well a direct pathway to VCE/VET Sport and Recreation Certificate II.

The study examines skill acquisition to qualitatively analyse performance, with exposure to sport specific technology to create feedback and intervention for improvement. Through the coach’s lens; students will be exposed to knowledge in preparedness for gaining qualification in umpiring and coaching. The outline includes an enduring understanding of injury prevention, ethicality of performance enhancement, with an overarching embedment of sports psychology.

Students will be undertaking a significant level of hands on application within practical environments. These experiences include coaching of younger students within a physical education class, along with umpiring and management of safety within a sporting event.

Curriculum Structure

Key Knowledge
    •   Skill acquisition
    •   Qualitative analysis and feedback
    •   Coaching types and philosophy
    •   Coaching structure
    •   Injury prevention
    •   Sports Psychology

Key Skills
    • Technology in sports analysis
    • Attainment or preparedness of certificates in:  
         -  Umpiring
         -  Coaching
         -  Sports Ethicality
         -  Strapping
    • Coaching of Year 5&6 students