‘Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity beyond resources controlled’
Professor Howard Stevenson, Harvard Business School

Ever wondered what starting a business would be like? Here’s your chance to find out! The core focus of this elective is to give you the tools and successful industry mentors to help you make this a reality.

This elective will allow you to pursue opportunities and innovations whilst benefitting from excellent internal and external resources. The aim is that you acquire skills and knowledge to become an entrepreneurial leader of a new business idea or an integral part of somebody else’s idea. You will learn how to deal with uncertainty, manage innovation and improve the business idea through the application of best practice methods of small business management and new product development.

The course will also include an analysis of your own entrepreneurial capacities, the importance of small business, innovation and enterprise to the global economy, benchmarking of small business performance, as well as the process of new product development and commercialisation via interactive workshops. The fundamentals of accounting, marketing, entrepreneurship and innovation, intellectual property management, and the operations of small business and technology are also covered.

Driven by ambitious standards of excellence, you will:

    •  aim to become an inspired and/or inspiring leader who will create or help to facilitate opportunities to design and implement
    •  shape the evolution of innovation in ways that advance the public interest
    •  champion technological and social innovation towards the achievement of an inclusive and regenerative society.
    •  partner with social enterprises to co-create culturally informed solutions to community identified challenges.

The entrepreneurship course will provide you with an excellent insight into what the longer-term future may hold for you as an innovator. In the short term it can demonstrate the value of subjects currently available in Year 11 and Year 12 (Business Management, Accounting, Economics (VCE and IB) and Legal Studies).

1. Self-reflection and analysis tasks (written) – 100%