This course is available in Year 12 level and as an acceleration course in Year 11

The study of VCE Texts and Traditions equips students to come to a deeper understanding of the relationship between religious traditions and the written texts, which have grown from and shaped those traditions. Many religious traditions have a special relationship with a set of written texts, often referred to as scriptures. Through this study, students are taught to understand that these written texts have particular authority for the tradition and may act as an important reference and foundation for the tradition’s social organisation, rituals, values, beliefs and behaviour, both historically and in the world today.

Students study the texts in their original social, cultural, religious, political and historical settings, as well as investigate the impact such texts have had throughout history and are having on the world today. Different methods of interpretation are taken into account throughout this study. Students also investigate the texts as pieces of literature and consider how others have been inspired by the interpretation of such writings.

The study of VCE Texts and Traditions encourages independent and critical thinking in students that will assist them in work and study, and in fields that require critical thinking about, and research, analysis and interpretation of, written text.