Geelong Grammar School awards a number of Sport Scholarships to students who have strengths in particular sports. These scholarships will be granted to students who are new to the School in Year 10 and could not otherwise attend Geelong Grammar School without financial assistance. Sport Scholarships are offered for Years 10 and 11.

Eligibility and application procedure

Applicants must be Australian or New Zealand citizens or holders of an Australian Permanent Resident Visa, and be new to the School (current GGS students are not eligible to apply for Sport Scholarships).

Students should have strengths in particular sports (please refer to the table below). They should also be eager to participate in the wide range of opportunities available at the School and respect the philosophy and rules that govern the School.

Students who are awarded a Sport Scholarship will be expected to complete three seasons of sport, two of which must be a major sport.

Cricket (M) Football (M) Athletics (F &M) 
Rowing (F & M)  Netball (F)  
  Soccer (F & M)   

F - Female students
M - Male students

Click here for current application closing dates and interview dates.

Applications for Sport Scholarships in 2019 have now opened. Click here to apply.

Parents are asked to complete a financial assessment form and a brief comment in support of assistance.

Students are asked to complete a series of questions in part two of the application and to provide a final school report for the previous year and interim reports for the current year.

Note: If a student currently holds a scholarship at another school, this should be disclosed.