All year levels Prep to 8 and 10-12

School track suit - Blue Jacket and Black Pant (Sport Number 1)
Short - Black shorts with crest
Polo - GGS blue with school crest
Polo - House colour (toorak also need a white polo for Inter school sports)
Socks - White Sport socks with GGS blue stripe
Runners - White predominately with non marking soles
Bathers - GGS swimmers black with GGS on back
Cap - GGS blue with crest (Years 5-8 and 10-12) Corio
Bag - Sport bag, GGS blue with crest

Optional accessories: Black fleecy jumper - cannot be worn during school or as the outer garment to away games

For away games students must wear the sport Number 1 (school tracksuit) as the outer garment


Toorak Campus - Polo - White with crest for Inter school sports

Toorak and Bostock - Broadbrim Hat  GGS blue with Crest