FoSS 2019 Spring Luncheon
Pictured above: The highly successful 2019 FoSS Spring Luncheon at The Glasshouse, Olympic Park, Melbourne


The newly established Friends of Senior School (FoSS) Committee is dedicated to supporting the families and students in Senior School at Geelong Grammar School. Together with the School, we are working to build a continued sense of belonging and connectedness while building vital community and incredible long-term friendships.

Since 2019, the FoSS Committee has stayed true to the mission statement by carrying out several engagement initiatives. In September 2019 FoSS hosted a hugely successful lunch for all Senior School parents and guardians at The Glasshouse, Olympic Park. This was a wonderful day and we are thrilled to continue with it as our new tradition - a Spring Luncheon held just prior to the Whole School Athletics weekend in September, hopefully, capturing most of our community all over the globe. 

In addition to our luncheon, the FoSS Committee have made welcoming new families to Senior School a priority by calling each of them prior to school starting. The feedback has been extremely positive.

A diverse and inclusive group, the FoSS hold regular meetings with the Head of Senior School and Head of Corio Campus to discuss plans for upcoming activities. Parents are warmly invited to join the Committee and get involved in its activities. We communicate regularly via email and don’t have too many meetings. Our Committee live all over the world and we are all passionate about our GGS Community. 


The Friends of Senior School support group formally begun in February 2019. Old school friends and then current GGS parents, Anna Wilson and Jane Canny wanted to form this group to carry on from the Friends of Middle School (FoMS). With huge support from the School, the Friends of Senior School (FoSS) was born and held its first meeting with over 15 enthusiastic parents joining the committee immediately.


If you would like to join the Committee or would like more information about Friends of Senior School, please contact:

Name Position

Nick Callander Co-President
Anna Wilson Co-President    
Debbie Talbot Vice-President    
Sarah Metcalf Secretary    
Bec Forwood International Rep & Social Media
Bridget Jacoby Day House Rep    
Alison McMahon Interstate Rep    


Membership of the Friends of Senior School is free and automatic once your child joins Senior School at Geelong Grammar School, Corio Campus.



Term 3, 2022:

Friday, 9 September 2022 - FoSS Spring Luncheon - The Glasshouse, Olympic Park, Melbourne