Sunny-Handy-Smoking-Ceremony"For me, reconciliation at GGS is the act of respecting other cultures that may not align with your own. Actively reaching out and connecting with others, making an effort to be a part of the bigger community and allow others to feel the same way."

"Reconciliation is about moving past tolerance, and onto acceptance. Not just living in the same space but living in unison and harmony. Reconciliation for me at GGS is about incorporating the thriving Indigenous community but is also about the international community which calls GGS home. These communities may be individual groups, yet they are still a part of the bigger GGS picture because the School values individuality and wishes to celebrate our differences. For us, reconciliation is seen in the willingness of peers to learn about different cultures; the telling of stories; the open ear to other beliefs that previously one had not heard; the open mind to things one did not know."

2020 School Captain Sunny Handy (Yr12 M), *Latje Latje, Barkinji

*cultural group



View our Reconciliation Action Plan above, or click here to download the document. (PDF 7.3MB)