Our objective

Staff of Geelong Grammar School promote a strong community of strong individuals. Our ideal is a safe, non-threatening school environment that supports individuals to:

• act with honour and integrity;
• give voice to their ideas;
• achieve personal excellence;
• cooperate;
• form positive relationships based on empathy;
• accept and respect diversity and difference,
• promote kindness and forgiveness

We hold that individuals develop resilience and “authentic happiness” when they can make a positive contribution, and thereby demonstrate concern for a community that demonstrates concern for them. We wish students to live meaningful lives.


We maintain our guiding values and standards when individuals respect the school community and the community respects them.

The School will respond to any actions and events that harm individuals and/or the school community. This includes any action or event that:

• harms an individual (with words or deeds);
• damages property;
• introduces destructive products into the school community; 
• and/or in other ways undermines trust in the school community.


The School will balance transparency and confidentiality in its formal responses to harmful actions or events. The School employs several processes to respond to harm. These responses have in common that they;

• deal with each situation in its context;
• seek a constructive and positive resolution within that context;
• involve those affected (Stakeholders), as far as possible, in reaching resolution.