About the Handbook (compiled 2006)

This Handbook is designed to provide information to our past rowers and current supporters regarding the traditions of rowing at Geelong Grammar School (GGS) along with current developments.

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Within are sections that pay tribute to our past glories and to the men and women who have made GGS what it is today: one of the great rowing schools in Australia. There is information to assist parents new to rowing, explaining what to expect and what rowing is all about, and a section for the student rower that discusses terminology and provides tips on technique.

Documenting our histories has been great fun. We have enjoyed reading good-natured correspondence from many members who have helped us to record our history more accurately, and recounted many funny stories, too. Thank you to those who have generously contributed in this way. Please keep in touch and let us know of any errors or ommissions you find in this edition. Some sections of the Handbook are still undergoing development. Lack of content sometimes means there wasn’t enough time to get all the details by the print deadline. We will keep working to remedy these shortcomings for the next edition, and hope no offence will be taken.

At the back of the Handbook are various forms, and we encourage you to use them. In particular, any donation to the rebuilding of our fleet and improvement of our facilities is gratefully appreciated and much needed. Donations to the W.H. Pincott Club are tax deductible. We have received substantial donations in the past year, which has enabled us to accelerate the rebuilding of the fleet. Thank you to those who have donated. We do however still need more funds – the tasks of rebuilding the fleet and renovating and upgrading the Barwon Boat Shed are still before us. All donations are gratefully appreciated, no matter the amount.

We look forward to gathering together with you to cheer our rowers who proudly wear the light blue. We would like to see the riverbanks packed with supporters, particularly the Head of the River regatta. Everyone is warmly welcome at our light-blue striped marquee.

We continue to be the proudest, one of the most successful, and certainly the most friendly rowing school in Australia. We hope you enjoy this Handbook.

W.H. Pincott Committee