Supporting the Sport of Soccer at Geelong Grammar School

Soccer has been played at the school for the last 30 years having been introduced by the past Teacher-in-Charge Dr Peter Dunn. The number of students, in Middle and Senior School, has increased over the years. Since 2009 the number of students playing Soccer outnumbers all other sports in the Middle and Senior Schools and is in the order of 30% of the student population. The school policy of appointing experienced soccer coaches is starting to pay off with a great improvement in the standard of game being played by both girls and boys.

One of the most important things that you, as a parent/guardian, can do (whenever possible) is to attend your child's game and cheer the team on. We look forward to seeing you on the sideline during the season.

Doc Dunn Club, the Support Group for the Sport of Soccer at GGS was officially launched on 28 May 2016, with our patron Peter 'Doc' Dunn in attendance.


2018 Boys 1st Team


Our role is to offer greater parental involvement and advocacy:
Bring parents together to support their children
Foster a love of the game for our kids
Bring a club atmosphere where every player and parent is valued
Advocacy for the sport of Soccer at GGS
Facilitate communication between parents, coaches, Teacher-In-Charge and the School
Make GGS a centre of excellence for Soccer and promote to the wider school community


Dr Peter Dunn was a teacher of science and sports master at Geelong Grammar School from 1977 until his retirement in 2010. Peter arrived in Australia at GGS after studying and playing Soccer at Oxford, later becoming captain-coach of the ANU Soccer team whilst furthering his studies in neurobiology. He was always known as Doc Dunn.

Upon arrival at GGS there was no formal Soccer program until Peter repeatedly asked and agitated for entrance of the school into the Associated Public Schools Soccer program. After being knocked back for two years, the school relented and Peter was allowed to hold trials putting together a soccer squad. When he presented the school with 50 keen and able players, he was told he had to trim this to 25 players as there would be too much of an impact upon Australian Rules football and Rugby Union numbers!

In 1980 GGS entered APS for the first time in soccer and were highly competitive. Over the next 25 years he either coached, co-coached or managed GGS boys’ first team – a phenomenal achievement. In the late 90’s, whilst still maintaining his involvement in soccer, he was promoted to Head of Sport at GGS and introduced outside coaches to assist him (including Ernie Tapai who was capped as a Socceroo 37 times). The highlights of his coaching career were Peter’s first team winning their division in 1987 (a period when APS and Australian Grammar Schools were combined). In addition to being runner up in the APS soccer program during both 1991 and 1997 (the latter, incidentally, with a very athletic Craig Mottram in midfield). 

Peter also pushed extremely hard for girls’ Soccer to be introduced and in 2002 an all-girl squad was put together playing both local and informal matches. Whilst not officially in the APS, so good were this team that (controversially), the captain, Julia Davis, was actually selected to captain the APS representative side.  In 2003 GGS girls were formally admitted to the APS Soccer schedule and numbers have continued rising to the point where Soccer is now the second biggest girls sport.

Since a humble beginning of 25 boys representing GGS in 1980 to the 260 male and female students playing today, Peter Dunn has been instrumental in the establishment and flourishing of Soccer at GGS. Through his patience, persistence and sheer will, Soccer is now the biggest sport at GGS by over 50%. Dr Peter Dunn is a most worthy patron for the GGS Soccer Support Group. The Club is proud and privileged to bear his name. 

Peter 'Doc' Dunn passed away on 18 May 2017.


The pioneering 1980 1st XI Boys' Soccer Team with Peter Dunn as the very first coach


President: Bernie Creati
Treasurer: Peter Temple (A'86)
Secretary: Gary Caldwell

Committee Members: Helen McKenzie (BBQ Coordination), Ian Routley (Social Media), Stephen Worboys, Susan Jones, Peter Bajer, Petros Pontikides
Middle School Representatives: Greg Foletta, Andrew McGrath


For more information or to contact the Doc Dunn Club Committee, please e-mail Iga Bajer, Support Group & Event Coordinator -

Above: 2016 Girls' 1st Team with Coach Tony Horrocks
Above: 2016 Girls' 1st Team with Coach Tony Horrocks


May 2019  


Life membership of the Doc Dunn Club is by a one-off subscription only and is open to all Parents and supporters of Soccer at Geelong Grammar School. Family membership comes with a Club scarf and a beanie and covers all students in the family who are playing soccer at GGS as well as parents of these students. Individual membership comes with either a scarf or a beanie. Additional scarves and beanies may also be purchased.

Follow the link to Join the Doc Dunn Club Membership online 


Through the School’s fundraising partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF), donations to the Duc Dunn Club are tax deductible. 
The Club does need funds to continue to provide equipment, improved coaching facilities, provide barbecues at match day, social functions for our parents and supporters, and trophies/badges for our players. We are planning to expand our horizons each year and in future aim to potentially look at improving soccer facilities at GGS for our players and soccer trips for our students. This can only occur with your donations and we are grateful for any help you may be able to provide.

So please show your support for Soccer at Geelong Grammar by donating today! 
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and remember that every dollar you donate via the ASF is tax deductible.