Geelong Grammar School has made a firm commitment to the inclusion of sport within the School’s “Exceptional Education” ethos. A detailed Sports Review and the construction and commissioning of the Handbury Centre for Wellbeing have continued that commitment.

The School wishes to continue the evolution of a positive sporting environment that will encourage active sporting participation by all members of the GGS community. 

The Purpose of each of the Sport Support Groups (SSGs) has been to support that particular sport within GGS. The membership of each SSG varies, but generally encompasses some or all of – current and past parents, past students, staff and other interested parties.

The SSGs have evolved over time and are governed under a number of disparate structures and management systems.

The School recognises that SSGs play a very important part in the promotion and support of sport at GGS. The School actively encourages the formation of support groups for all sports offered at the School.


Each sport at Geelong Grammar School has different resources, facilities, student numbers and demographics. Such factors come together to set the culture of the sport at any one time.

The culture of each SSG will influence its nature and the way it operates. The following objectives are provided to guide the development and activites of SSGs. How each objective is implemented will be influenced by the culture of the sport and the individuals involved.

Each SSG should have as its primary foci the inclusion and connecting of all families in the sport and support for the sport (whilst the School’s focus is the delivery of the programme).

The general objectives of each SSG are:

the positive promotion of sport at GGS in general and the “particular sport”
to facilitate the connection of parents to the sport and to help promote a positive, environment at sporting events through social activities and other functions
to assist the teacher-in-charge (TIC) and appointed team coaches
to facilitate communication between parents, coaches, TIC and the School
to foster and support the playing of sport at GGS

These objectives can be achieved in various ways, including:

season opening functions
mid-season functions
meet-the-coach events
end-of-season dinners

The School is in the fortunate position, due to the passion and commitment of our current and past parents, to be able to provide a number of Support Groups for our School Sport.

Parental involvement in the sport programme is an important part of promoting a strong community.  Whilst family members may not live locally, you are strongly encouraged to support your daughter or son in their sporting pursuits.

Listed here are the ACTIVE SPORT SUPPORT GROUPS (PDF 755.7KB) and the relevant contact persons.  Further information about these Support Groups can be found on their dedicated pages of this website.