The Arts are for everyone at Geelong Grammar School where creativity is an academic, co-curricular and pastoral pursuit. Drama, Music and Visual Arts help our students to speak in their own special voice - to find their own rhythms, craft their own shapes and to find new ways to express themselves. We also value the opportunity The Arts provide as a holistic approach to life-long learning with many of our students pursuing careers as artists, actors or musicians, including the likes of singer/songwriter Missy Higgins (Cl'01), Helpmann Award-winning actress Marta Dusseldorp (Cl'90), Grammy Award-winning music producer/film composer Franc Tetaz (A'88), biomedical animator Drew Berry (M'87) and AFI Award-winning filmmaker Ian Darling (P'79). Our intention is to enhance a love and understanding of cultural activity and what it brings in terms of a greater sense of who we are. Rich, dynamic programmes in the Drama, Music and Visual Arts departments put Positive Education into action and creativity into focus.


The Drama Department is a place for nurturing self-expression and building confidence and resilience. From simple role-playing in Early Learning through to improvisation, stage craft and full-scale musical productions in Senior School, the Drama programme offers inspiration, opportunity and imagination. The annual diary boasts performances and productions that deliver positive outcomes across a full spectrum of dramatic disciplines.


The Music School is an energetic, community space abuzz with the sounds of more than 30 diverse instruments and 42 sessional tutors. From bagpipes to brass, from didgeridoos to drums, from cellos to choral singers, there is an instrument for every musician, from the most serious academic to the hobbyist. The Kodaly teaching philosophy is integrated across all four campuses and is supported with a vibrant range of ensembles and concert opportunities.

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Department is a vibrant, inspiring and engaging environment. We strive to give our students an opportunity to be original and brave. All year groups, from Early Learning to Year 12, are encouraged to experience unfamiliar methods, media and materials, to take up challenging projects and approaches, to extend the boundaries of their expertise and attain a range of new skills and knowledge.